Our References speak for them -selves

Whether for projects with complex problems, Analyses for Markets (Primary- and Secondary Analysis) or for an independent request on second opinion - SERD is your partner.

Our customer References, listed in excerpts below, speak for us:
Supply of Special- Bushings according to DIN – or Customer specified:  Transformer - Bushings SERD Type SIDI or Generator - Bushings –  SERD Type SG
ABB- Micafil; NOK; EKZ; EWZ; BKW; Pfiffner-Moser Glaser/td>
AREVA; ALSTOM; ABB; EOn; HSP; Siemens; SGB; RWE; Sensoplan
South Africa
Turkey, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand

Project works and part projects also including highly complex tasksand analysis such as Market analyses on behalf of the following customers have been executed:
   - Diagnostic including Tan δ u C- Measuring and Expertise
     Worldwide consulting and measuring activities especially for Bushings
   - Seminars and contribution towards Marketing of Bushing,- and Arrester,- Application
     ABB; KKL; Tridelta 
   - Market studies and deeper Evaluation of submarkets
     Südkabel; GE Bayer; Pfisterer
   - Asset Management with analysis of Replacement within the realms of the technically possible.
     EWZ; CKW; Hydro-Expolitation; NOK
   - Conception , Design , Production, Supply and Assembling of production Tools
     ABB Micafil; Pfiffner –Moser Glaser MGC
   - Design studies for Development and Test concepts
     ABB; Pfisterer; Moser Glaser MGC
   - Material analysis, Evaluation and Supply of Insulating Varnish
     ABB Micafil
   - Evaluation of Weak points in Design and insurance Expertise,
     Swiss utilities : KKL; BKW and Rails: SBB, and DB in Germany
   - Concept and/ or problems of supply and replacement of out of date Apparatus
     EWZ; Tridelta
   - Personnel training for Bushings, Insulation coordination & Arrester application
     ABB Micafil; ABB
   - Retrofit, Recycling or Waste of Open Air Transformer – and Generator -Bushings
     ABB Micafil for KKL; BKW