SERD Basic design Type SG
SERD Innovation: Sheds made of Silicone
 • Modern, technically high-quality Insulation!
• Shortest delivery time!  

  SERD offers to
Generator Manufacturers and Power Plant operators
  • Diagnosis towards in service reliability, inclusively On Site or Workshop- Diagnosis with C – tanδ and Partial Discharge measurement- including AC voltage test .
  • Replacement of existent aged Generator –Bushings. As Retrofit Project also for older special types of all brands, SERD offers economic solutions
  • For your project we offer a comparison between cost of Retrofit / Repair and cost of New-Bushing
Statement :
  • SERD recommends to avoid the use of so called cost efficient Bushings with a simplified grading. For such Bushings a high danger for in service partial discharge problems and reduced lifetime are expected.
  • SERD Strategy: Delivery of technically and qualitatively high leveled Bushings.